Who Are We

The Bowser Seniors Housing Society

The Bowser Seniors Housing Society (BSHS) is committed to the concept of affordable housing for seniors within their own community. We want to enable seniors to stay close to family and friends while maintaining independence. That is why we are working hard on our project to create an independent seniors residence in our rural area, so people do not have to move to the towns or cities. (Please see the “Lighthouse Villa” page for more information on the project.)

The objective of the Bowser Seniors Housing Society is to enable local seniors to remain in and enjoy their community long after they reach the point when they need to move on from their current homes.

The Community, its businesses and institutions, has the opportunity to grow and mature by getting involved in the project to build and operate a seniors residence in our area. Individuals have the opportunity help the community, our elder citizens and family by getting involved. Large BC corporations, especially those that have operated in our area (forestry, shellfish, mining, etc.) have the opportunity to demonstrate responsiveness to a community and to it’s people who have contributed to their success in the past and present.

2019-2020 Campaign

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Seniors who live in our area have been part of the community for many years. They have lived and worked, raised their families, and been part of the fabric of the community. This society was formed because many older residents were being forced to leave the area and move to cities or towns further away in order to get the services that they now need.

Community Means:

Our future has its roots in our community. Life-long friends and our families form the fabric of our lives, and we don’t wish to lose touch with them as we grow older.

Members contribute in practical ways to the development of seniors housing in Bowser. A wide variety of knowledge and skills are needed to get the building project off the ground. Once the housing is built then different skills and experience will be required to keep the place running smoothly for the residents. Volunteers are the life-blood of rural, community societies, and the Bowser Seniors Housing Society needs the individual support provided by its members and other volunteers.

Many seniors still contribute greatly to the welfare of the community and the economy of our village, and would continue to do so if they could remain within the local area. Also a continuing sense of involvement in the local area is important to many seniors.

  1. Seniors remaining in the community
  2. Local location, keep close to friends and neighbours
  3. Walking proximity to stores, bank, library, coffee shop, post office
  4. Rural setting, in village centre
  5. Proposed public transportation nearby
  6. People able to stay in the community, near their existing support networks
  7. Independent living in a social atmosphere, with resident ‘house mother’
  8. An affordable housing alternative