Bowser Seniors Housing Society (est. 2005) has over 150 members, about 60 of whom serve as volunteers for our many fundraising activities in support of building a seniors housing facility in Bowser.


Our Hope,Wish, and Dream is to build Lighthouse Villa, an independent living complex of 22 mostly one-bedroom suites, in the Bowser village core.  Many seniors who have lived in their homes for years may find themselves unable to take care of their property as they age, but they want to stay in their community.  At the moment they are forced to leave the area, their friends, and familiar surroundings.  Our vision is to change this scenario and provide a local choice for our seniors.


Our architectural design drawings are almost complete, we’ve secured a building site in Bowser, we’re rezoned, and we’ve hired a construction manager.  We recently received confirmation of $2.2 million in initial funding and are working closely with BC Housing to move the project forward.

YOUR SUPPORT helps to reduce the amount we will have to borrow, makes
the development more affordable for our seniors, and moves us closer to our goal of building Lighthouse Villa.

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We are very excited to announce a new fundraiser from Union Bay Credit Union.  UBCU has launched a new product, the Community Connect GIC in partnership with Bowser Seniors Housing Society. This term deposit will have some really great rates which will be available to UBCU members for new and existing deposits. However, for any new money deposited from another financial institution, Union Bay Credit Union will make a one-time donation of .25% to one of four local non-profits:

  1. Union Bay Community Club
  2. The Hornby Island Arts Council
  3. The Hornby Spark
  4. Bowser Seniors Housing Society

Members will have a choice of which non-profit will be the beneficiary of their new deposit. UBCU is expected to run this campaign through November, however it’s a limited time offer and is subject to stop at any time.

Introductory rates will be some of the highest rates available in the market and we believe they will be very attractive to new and existing members. Here are our preliminary rates, subject to change at any time.

2 Year Non-Redeemable 2.00%

3 Year Non-Redeemable 2.20%

4 Year Non-Redeemable 2.30%

5 Year Non-Redeemable 2.40%

In simple terms, every $1 million in new term deposits equals $2500 in donations. If we’re able to get the word out about this campaign, raising millions in new deposits is completely achievable, and will help us to make a meaningful donation to Bowser Seniors Housing Society.

This fundraising offer applies only to new money deposited at UBCU. Spread the word….

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